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At least 25 bullets pierced through home as mother and children slept

"There was a bullet hole two inches from my son's head."
Posted at 5:29 PM, Nov 10, 2022

MILWAUKEE — On Tuesday, the big story was the midterm elections. Across the country and locally, many voters said rising crime was among their top concerns.

Thursday, a Milwaukee mother, who did not want to be identified, asked TMJ4 for help. She shared photos of walls and doors inside her home near 76th and Hampton, riddled with bullets.

She, her teenage son, and two young daughters were sleeping early Sunday morning, when they woke to gunshots.

“The bullets were flying,” she said. “They were hitting things. I could hear them ricocheting off of stuff. When it stopped, I jumped up, and saw that a bullet had hit a wall just inches above my son’s head. I immediately called police and came to find out the man who lives in the apartment below me was killed.”

When you look at the back of the house from the outside, you can see at least 25 bullet holes in the brick and siding.

“My kids could have been killed,” she said. “I can’t take them back there after something traumatic like that. You can see outside through some of the bullet holes in the house. So basically, my and my children are out of a home. We are staying with relatives and friends for now, going from place to place.”

Neighbors saw at least two cars speed out of the alley behind the house, right before police arrived on scene.

According to Milwaukee Police, the victim who lived in the lower unit of the home was 40 years old. They have no one in custody for this crime, and are looking for who did this.

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