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Arrowhead High worker resigns after 'sniping people from the roof' threat: Complaint

Arrowhead High School
Posted at 4:35 PM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 17:35:57-04

HARTLAND, Wis. — A former janitor at Arrowhead High School is facing a misdemeanor charge after allegedly threatening to use a sniper rifle to shoot people from the roof of the school if he was fired from his job.

Craig Reimer was charged with Disorderly Conduct on April 1. A criminal complaint states that on March 31, Waukesha County Sheriff's deputies were informed of a threat from an employee of the high school. A school resource officer told deputies that some maintenance workers reported a fellow worker was making "concerning threats about shooting up the school if fired," the complaint states.

One of those workers told deputies that Reimer was a maintenance worker at the school. They were working together when they got into an argument. That's when the defendant told him he had his "two week list." The victim took that to mean he was on Reiner's "list to be killed" if Reimer was fired from his job. The victim said Reimer had made similar threats in the past, but on March 23 he confronted Reimer about the threats, according to the complaint.

The worker told Reimer he could be fired for saying things like that. Reimer replied, "If I get fired, I will start sniping people from the roof." The victim knew the defendant had "a lot of guns" but didn't believe Reimer would actually hurt someone, according to prosecutors.

Reimer was later called to the sheriff's office. When questioned about the threats, he told deputies that he had been joking with the victim for years about having a "two week list." He added he didn't remember making a comment regarding sniping people, but did not deny it was possible he could have said that, the complaint states.

Reimer has a hearing on May 9. He posted his $1,000 bond. He pleaded not guilty to charges.

Superintendent Laura Myrah told families in a letter that when the school's investigation wrapped up, Reimer was on unpaid leave. They were considering potential disciplinary actions. While still on leave, Reimer resigned on April 14.

Read the superintendent's statement below:

Greetings Arrowhead families and staff,

Typically, when a student or staff disciplinary matter is investigated and found to be false, or and/no threat to others, and/or a matter of personal record/confidentiality, a notice does not go out to all families and staff. That was the case with a personnel matter involving a custodian about a month ago. However, because rumors of ridiculous proportion are now flying around, I am writing to dispel those rumors and even to perhaps preserve the personal reputation of a man who was an employee of Arrowhead for almost 23 years.

On March 23, custodian Craig Reimer and two other Building & Grounds Department members were the sole people in a room together. Mr. Reimer and one of the other men were holding a conversation while working, during which Mr. Reimer made an inappropriate comment, apparently "screwing around," about a two-week list and sniping people if he was ever fired. The two witnesses in the room who heard the comment did not feel it was an actual threat and did not bring it to the attention of their supervisor until about five days later.

At that time, beginning March 28, a thorough investigation was conducted by Arrowhead administrators, resulting in no actual threat being found to the two adults in the room at the time of the comment, nor any threat to students, nor to staff members, nor to Arrowhead as a whole. However, just like when someone jokes about a bomb while in an airport ... though the flights aren't canceled and the fellow passengers aren't warned, the person making the foolish comment likely will suffer consequences.

We at Arrowhead consider school safety of utmost importance. Consequently, our School Resource Officer was notified of the incident and the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department conducted their own investigation. At the same time, Arrowhead's investigation was wrapping up, Mr. Reimer was on an unpaid leave of absence, and we were consulting with our legal counsel over further potential disciplinary actions. While still on unpaid leave, Mr. Reimer resigned from his job on April 14.

It is my understanding from court records that Mr. Reimer has been charged with a misdemeanor offense of disorderly conduct, has pleaded not guilty, and the matter is pending in the court system. Arrowhead will continue to cooperate with law enforcement if and as necessary. I hope this information dispels the sensationalized rumors we're hearing and reading ... there was NO teacher involved, there was NOT deceitful cover-up of a danger to students, there were NO guns on campus, etc.


Laura Myrah, Superintendent

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