Appleton man accused of secretly filming women in Target dressing room

Appleton man accused of secretly filming women in Target dressing room
Posted at 12:58 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 01:24:15-04

APPLETON, Wis. -- An Appleton man is accused of secretly filming women in a dressing room at the Fox River Mall and putting a hidden camera in his friend's home, according to a criminal complaint.

Andrew Persen, 28, was charged with 10 counts of capturing an intimate representation without consent, five counts of invasion of privacy with a surveillance device and one count of posting or publishing a sexually explicit image without consent.

Investigators were led to Persen after a woman told police he posted a nude video he secretly took of her on a porn website. The woman said she and Persen had been friends since high school, according to court documents.

She did not give consent for the video, which was taken in her bathroom, the criminal complaint said.

When police searched Persen's home, they found several electronic storage devices. 

Persen admitted to officers that he put a hidden camera in the woman's bathroom and in a Target dressing room at the Fox River Mall, the criminal complaint said.

He also said he put a camera in his own bathroom to get video of his adult sister, court documents said. Police found three videos of his friend and one of his sister, with all three showing Persen installing the camera, the criminal complaint said.

Officers also found 66 video files of the inside of the Target dressing room, with six showing nude women changing, according to the complaint. The timestamp on the videos was from April 6, 2017.

Police found evidence in the woman's home and the Target dressing room that a hidden camera had been placed inside.

Persen will be back in court in November 3.