Area proms up security after Antigo shooting

Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-29 07:30:46-04

SOUTH MILWAUKEE -- Local schools are talking about security concerns after a recent shooting in northern Wisconsin. The shooting at Antigo High School's prom injured two students, and left the gunman dead.

There are a number of proms in our area this weekend. Whether it's a school dance or a sporting event - school leaders do all they can to keep kids safe. For the big dance, superintendents TODAY'S TMJ4 spoke with said they'll have both chaperones and police officers. At South Milwaukee High School, excitement's building for a "Moonlight Masquerade."

"And it's just a lot of fun. You see the excitement of the kids when they're walking in," said Ante Udovicic, prom advisor and athletic director at South Milwaukee High School.

Udovicic's been helping prom committees for the last decade and believes they're doing something right.

"The number of issues we've had over the years have been very few and very small," said Udovicic.

The same can be said for St. Francis High School, but parents there are a bit cautious after the Antigo shooting.

"Yes it is a concern because the world's a scary place," said Mark Zagorski, parent.

Proms taking place this weekend in St. Francis, South Milwaukee, Cudahy, Waukesha West, and Indian Trail in Kenosha, are under the watchful eyes of many adults.

"We have our police liaison officers, we always have two police officers at all of our dances regardless of any other situation, that's our standard operating procedure," said Udovicic.

The chaos in Antigo hasn't changed anything here. Udovicic feels confident in the protective measures they already have in place.

"It's not like unfortunately the Antigo situation. This isn't the first time something like that has happened across the country. It's something that you always have to be aware of," said Udovicic.

In addition, South Milwaukee officials say they've had more interest than usual from adults willing to chaperone the dance this year. It's ten to one. These days it's tough to find those odds even at an elementary school field trip.