Annual law enforcement motorcycle ride honors fallen officer

Posted at 4:15 PM, Jun 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-10 17:15:40-04

Hundreds of local motorcycle riders gathered at the House of Harley in Greenfield for their annual ride to benefit families of fallen officers. 

A heart-breaking coincidence that this year, it falls just two days after Officer Charles Irvine Jr's death. 

The riders stood in silence, overcome by emotion.

"His name is not going to be forgotten, and you can count on that," said Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales. 

Part of the goal on Saturday was to make sure Officer Charles Irvine Jr's family is never forgotten either. 

"He left behind a mother, a stepfather. He left behind a sister, a grandfather and a grandmother. And he left behind a childhood girlfriend that he was preparing to marry," said Morales.

And there are the officers who worked closest with Irvine from the time he was a police aid, until his final day. 

"The members of District 4 really saw Officer Irvine as a child. As a young man growing up in the department and the Lord took him away from them. So they're grieving," said Morales.

Officers from other districts are stepping up to take some of their workload in this difficult time. 

"I've seen law enforcement from behind the scenes now for 29 years," said Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel. "I know the honorable amazing men and women who serve our communities every day and it is very personal to me when we lose one of them."  

Schimel encourages everyone to do a simple act in Irvine's honor.

"A thank you now and then goes a heck of a long way," said Schimel. "Every once in a while just tell them thank you for the sacrifices they make for their willingness to run into danger when other people run away."  

Schimel says Irvine's funeral will be on June 16.