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Andrew Brandt reacts to Aaron Rodgers decision to stay with the Green Bay Packers

Posted at 8:10 PM, Mar 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 22:16:18-05

What does the agreement with Aaron Rodgers mean for the Green Bay Packers and their salary cap? Andrew Brandt was the capologist for nine seasons with the team in the 2000's and TMJ4 News asked him that very question.

"The bigger issue for me, Lance, is the guarantees," Brandt says. "Like the Packers before me, during me and after me, have never guaranteed more than the first year of the contract. So when I hear 150 guaranteed or whatever the number is, well, that's obviously not true. Unless they broken all precedent. And guaranteeing in the later years.

Lance Allan asks Brandt: But my guess was that it's a Chuck Woolery contract, two and two. Do you think there's some truth to that? Or will we go through this every year where, we don't know if Aaron Rodgers will retire? Or still be on the roster?

"I think we'll go through this again next year, because a couple things," Brandt says. "One, I don't think thoughts of retirement were off the table this year. I think they'll be back on the table next year, and then it's the question of is this really about Aaron or is it about Jordan Love? If they want to move to Love, I just don't see them waiting more than three years. Something's up. It could be not feeling great about Jordan Love. It could be just a realization that they've spun it out with the cap, and it's an all-in approach right now."

Lance Allan asks: I think Aaron's push for the next generation is to get as many guarantees as possible, and a long term deal. Can you see that going forward, more and more with some of these players?

"Last time I talked to Aaron I came out there training camp a couple years ago and we had a nice sit down," he answered. "He expressed the same things to me because he knew what I had written. Aaron has a great understanding of that. There's nothing in the CBA that says NBA contracts are guaranteed and NFL aren't. There's nothing in the Major League Baseball collective agreement that says you have to guarantee contracts. It's just the way it goes. Now the way to puncture the seal on that is for players like Aaron, to get almost fully guaranteed contracts. And again I don't think it's happening with this contract, where they can open up the next guy."

Honest opinions from Brandt, and he knows the inner workings.

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