"All-you-can-drink" ban considered at La Crosse bars

Posted at 12:59 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 14:00:29-04
LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - In an effort to limit binge drinking in La Crosse, city council member Bob Seaquist is proposing a restriction on alcohol sales.
The proposal suggests for anyone who has a license issued under this chapter of the La Crosse Municipal code, it should be unlawful to sell an unlimited number of drinks for a fixed price or an all you can drink basis.
It would also limit sales of three or more alcoholic drinks for the price of one or encourage games or contests involving alcohol consumption.
Snuffy's bar owner Peter Mohm says he's not sure the proposal would actually limit binge drinking.
"Because I think most of these college kids are drinking at home before they go downtown," Mohm said.
But La Crosse Medical Health Science Consortium director Catherine Kolkmeier says the proposed restrictions may have a positive affect.
"Large quantities of alcohol being offered at a low price or being offered at a set price is generally where we see more binge drinking occurring," Kolkmeier said.
However she says there has been a decline in binge drinking rates among college and high school students.
"We have seen a little bit of an uptick in adult binge drinking rates but it has been coming down among young people."
Mohm says regardless of the crowd they're looking to attract, business owners should have a say in whether or not they run drink specials but Kolkmeier says restrictions can go a long way.
"Obviously have less of those specials to stay in business because they definitely don't want to run something like that all the time because it's not that profitable but you do have to have people in your door so it's their choice," Mohm said.
"By looking at ways to sort of level the playing field, with how drink specials are being offered that would probably be helpful," Kolkmeier said.
The city council should be deciding on the proposal in the next two months.

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