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All 15 Milwaukee County golf courses are now open for the season

Posted at 7:06 PM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 20:06:03-04

Ready, set, swing! All 15 Milwaukee County golf courses are officially open for the season.

The sport is one of Steve Dicks’ favorite pastimes. He’s been playing for 40 years and couldn’t wait to play a round at Oakwood Park.

“I’m ready for a great season of golf and looking forward to it,” Dicks said. “I like getting out in the fresh air and the exercise, especially when the sun is out.”

Despite some wind, the weather for the annual “Group Tee Off” Wednesday was picture perfect for a day on the range, and a pleasant surprise this early into spring.

“It was a terrible winter. Too much snow,” Dicks said.

“People have been having cabin fever. Winter was super long this year. Finally the snow’s all gone and everyone wants to get out and golf,” County Parks Executive Director Guy Smith said.

County officials encourage young and old to hit one of their courses.

“Break out the clubs. Stretch out a little bit,” County Executive Chris Abele said.

They also want veterans to know they can get in on the action too through their partnership with PGA Hope, a program that offers military vets free golf lessons and playing opportunities.

“Serving and honoring our vets is a priority countywide and personally for me, and this is a particularly fun way to do it,” Abele said.

Each season the county makes more than $7 million in revenue, and sees 235,000 rounds of golf played on their courses.

So far the weather outlook looks great.

“We’ve got tee times available and we’re going to be ready to go,” Smith said.

Golfers can only hope it stays that way.

“I hope we don’t get any snow surprises in April with another snowstorm,” Dicks said.

You can find information about the 15 courses, discount and veterans’ program here.