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Adorable: 2nd litter of river otters born at Milwaukee Co. Zoo

Otter Clovers Pups 03-02-2022-7593 E.jpg
Posted at 10:25 AM, Mar 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-29 11:35:34-04

MILWAUKEE — Just when we thought we were out... they pull us back in. By melting our hearts again.

The Milwaukee County Zoo announced Tuesday that in fact a second litter - or as the specialists call it, a "romp" - of North American River Otters were born.

Otter Clovers Pups 03-08-2022 01 JB E.jpg
Baby river otters at the Milwaukee Co. Zoo

5-year-old Clover and 5-year-old Larkey are the parents to the three otter pups, born on Feb. 26. Caretakers report the pups are healthy and well.

This comes after the zoo's older female otter, Shamrock, gave birth to four beautiful pups on Feb. 7. Larkey is also father to those babies.

Otter Clovers Pups 03-08-2022 02 JB E.jpg
Baby river otters at the Milwaukee Co. Zoo

In a statement, the zoo described the mother Clover as "super protective" of her babies and usually keeps them hidden under her. Sometimes she even prefers to stay with them instead of getting a meal.

At about 3 weeks old, each pup weighed about 600-700 grams, according to the zoo. That's compared to the weight of Shamrock's pups now, who now weigh over 1,000 grams.

Adorable video here:

Read the Milwaukee County Zoo's detailed announcement below:

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