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Accomplished fashion designer returns to Mount Mary University

Posted at 6:58 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 19:58:16-04

Mount Mary University has a new face for its Fashion Department, Donna Ricco.

Ricco is an alumna of Mount Mary and while you might not recognize her face, her name is synonymous with dresses. 

One Donna Ricco dress, worn by Former First Lady Michelle Obama in 2008, caused a national frenzy when she wore it on television. 

"Before she wore my dress she was wearing suits and a lot of black and she wore it so well and it fit her so perfectly," said Ricco. 

While Ricco recently retired from running her Donna Ricco fashion empire, she says she's been looking forward to giving back.

Ricco brings her fashion sense, 30 years of expertise, and executive connections to the school's fashion department. 

Mount Mary President Christine Pharr's announcement of Ricco as the new Fashion Executive Fellow has everyone in a good mood. especially the school's Fashion Boot Camp designers.

The young girls took a break from their daily actives to hear the announcement and were inspired. 

"It was cool seeing that she was from here and going here and turned into that," said Grace Abts. 

For camper Bella Eells, seeing Ricco's dresses combined with the boot camp workshops, have inspired her in a different fashion  

"I want to do graphic designs. I want to know how the body moves," said  Eells.  

Pharr says she's happy to have a successful alumna helping future designers and says Ricco's reach will be outside of Mount Mary's walls. 

"I believe the entire community and the fashion industry in Milwaukee could benefit from her presence," said Pharr.