AAA: 7 million drivers will break down on the road this summer

Posted: 10:04 AM, May 19, 2017
Updated: 2017-05-19 12:17:47-04

This summer AAA predicts more than 7 million drivers will have to be rescued from the side of the road.

A survey shows 4 out of 10 of them won't be prepared for that breakdown. That means more than 63,000 Wisconsinites will be stranded.

AAA's Director of Public Affairs, Nick Jarmusz, says the reason for an unprepared driver is twofold:

"Summer driving is very taxing on a vehicle, the heat can affect a number of your vehicle's systems. But a lot of Americans also are not taking the steps that they should for preventative maintenance on their vehicle for a variety of reasons," Jarmusz says.

Jennifer Christensen says when she does road trip, she's sure to be overly prepared. "It makes your trip a lot easier, if you don't break down," she explains.

The Rogers family shares a similar mindset. They often travel to northern Wisconsin and and say it just makes sense to have a backup plan. "I'm leaving the day after tomorrow," says Mike, "to drive my niece's car back from Los Angeles. You know it's an older car, and I don't know a thing about it."

Though Mike usually preps the cars for long trips, Jean is surprised to learn so many drivers aren't road ready.

"Wow that does surprise me. And I'm glad he's taking care of it." 

However John Bosanec does not share Rogers' disbelief. "That doesn't surprise me at all. Once upon a time I had vehicles that needed to be picked up," Bosanec explains.

AAA says the list is short when preparing for a road trip: Have your car looked over by a mechanic, bring an extra car key so you're not locked out, as well as your phone and the charger. Don't forget to have snacks,  water, and an emergency kit handy. 

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