911 misdial leads Germantown police to heroin arrest

It happened in the middle of a youth baseball game
Posted at 11:54 PM, May 04, 2017
A 911 misdial leads Germantown Police to an arrest and heroin. It all happened in the middle of a youth baseball game Wednesday night next to Kennedy Middle School. 
An evening baseball game took a turn after Germantown Police got a 911 hang up. The dispatcher center called the cell phone back and the man said it was a misdial.
"Even if they say everything is fine we still send an officer," said Lt. David Huesemann.
While the officer was heading over. Germantown's emergency dispatch ran the man's name and found out he had a warrant. Police located him at the baseball diamond where officers say he was watching his son play and searched him.
"It turned out the suspect had a needle, a spoon and a small amount of heroin in his pocket," said Huesemann.
It had parents and grandparents shaking their heads but they were not shocked. 
"I wouldn't expect it necessarily. But I'm not surprised by it either," said Robert Walczak who brought his granddaughter to the park.
"Not surprised," said parent Chad Nickerson.
Neither was the Germantown Police who say they regularly find someone possessing heroin.
The man arrest was not suspect of dealing the drugs just being a user. 
"He did say that he did shoot up heroin just prior to our arrival at the scene. And he did say his preferred way of shooting up heroin is through his neck," said Huesemann.
The parents hope maybe this is a wake up call for the man. 
"That's too bad. Too bad for his kid too," said Walczak.
This was not the only surprise drug bust for the Germantown Police Thursday night. Police said someone tripped an alarm at the KFC and they arrest someone else for marijuana possession. 
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