911 calls released from Pick 'n Save accident

Posted at 10:10 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 23:47:32-05

Newly-released 911 tapes reveal the panic, after a driver ran over a Pick 'n Save employee Friday evening in Greenfield. Witnesses rushed to help the woman who was pinned under the car in the parking lot of the store at 76th and Cold Spring.

The victim - Vanessa Rodgers, 28 - is in intensive care with severe injuries. She's been an employee at the Pick 'n Save for the past 10 years.

Here is a transcript of some of the calls:

Caller: Oh my God! A lady ran over a lady. She's trapped under her car.
911 Operator:  At Pick 'n Save there is a car on top of a female. Her entire body is under the vehicle?
Caller: Her entire body is under the car.
911 Operator: I've already dispatched police and fire. Ma'am, is she moving? Is she talking to you at all?
Caller: You guys is she moving? I can't tell her moving. People are screaming here. This is very bad. We need someone out right away.

A quick visit to the grocery store, turned into a nightmare that witnesses will never forget. You can hear the terror in their voices as they scrambled to call 911. One of them recognized the woman pinned under the car, as the employee who is always behind the customer service desk. Before paramedics arrived, the brave witnesses used a jack, to try and lift the car off Vanessa.

Caller: We're trying to jack up the car ourselves.
911 Operator: Okay, just make sure you don't pull on her. Make sure she stays  there.
Caller: Everybody, listen, listen, you're jacking up the car, that's okay. But do not move her.

First responders arrived shortly after, got Vanessa out from under the car, and rushed her to the hospital.

The 80-year-old driver of the car that hit Vanessa has not been identified. Police do not believe that driver was impaired or speeding.