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91-year-old Oconomowoc artist strives to paint as many paintings as Vincent van Gogh

Posted at 7:56 AM, Nov 21, 2019
and last updated 2020-01-21 17:00:49-05

OCONOMOWOC — Painting is more than a passion for Richard Mlodock, it's a passion.

"It's that you yourself are accomplishing something for one thing," said Richard Mlodock.


Richard was always creative. He has a background in advertising and painted occasionally, but it wasn't until retirement when he picked up the pace. He has made 478 paintings and wants to catch up to Van Gogh, who created 850 paintings, according to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

"I have a little ways to go so I have to be around a little while," said Mlodock.

Richard will be 92 next month. It takes him a couple of days to finish a painting.

"Cause once I get started that's all I can think about," said Mlodock.

His Oconomowoc home is filled with his work. Paintings fill the walls and stacks more line the floors. He has a name for each one and many come with a story or a memory.

"You start out making a little rough idea of a sketch and then you're hoping you can make it work," said Mlodock.


Richard paints anything and everything.

"I don't have any special thing as you can see around here some are abstract, some are more realistic," said Mlodock.

He keeps track of his work with a filing system by naming and numbering every piece.

With so many themes, friends tried to convince Richard to go by different names.

"I said what if people want to go out with these artists and it's only one guy," said Mlodock.

Richard's signature is the only thing these paintings all have in common.

Richard sells his paintings and he takes custom orders. For the best way to connect, click here.

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