9-year-old on a mission to hug police officers stops in Milwaukee

Says, "Officers need some love today"
Posted at 10:05 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 23:25:04-04

A 9-year-old girl is going across the country on a holy mission: hugs. 

Rosalyn stopped in Milwaukee on Wednesday to hug a line of Milwaukee Police Officer's waiting for her.

"We are very pleased and very grateful to have her," said Sgt. Sheronda Grant. 

When asked why she was making this her mission, she said her calling comes from above. 

"Officers need some love today, and God, God wants me to do this," said Rosalyn. 

She's been to 28 states so far and plans on hitting all 50 before she is done. Her favorite part of the whole process is, of course, the hugs, and she's particular about how she gives them. 

"Really tight but sometimes I don't want to, like, you know, break them or anything so sometimes I do it soft," said Rosalyn. 

Rosalyn is off to her next stop, with her arms wide open. Follow her progress on her website