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69-year-old grandma recovering after being mugged at Pick 'n Save in Milwaukee

Posted at 5:22 PM, May 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-01 18:46:09-04

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee grandmother is bruised and battered after someone mugged her outside a Pick 'n Save.

The 69-year-old jumped on the hood of her assailant's car as they tried to get away.

It wasn’t the $54 in her wallet that the grandma was concerned about, it was the purse itself.

It was handmade by the grandma’s late sister, the last thing the grandma would receive from her sister before she passed away. Now it was in the hands of a thief.

Cody Castaneda, the victim's granddaughter, hadn’t been to the 27th Street Pick 'n Save since her grandmother’s attack.

“I’m sad. Just empty. I don’t understand why somebody would want to do that to her. She’s harmless,” Castaneda said.

The 69-year-old was putting groceries in her car Tuesday when another vehicle stopped behind her. A man got out of the car.

“(He) looked around like he was looking for somebody. She noticed him but didn’t think anything of it,” said Castaneda.

That's when the man grabbed her purse, pulling her over the cart. But because the purse was so important to the grandma, she wouldn’t let it go.

“She crawled on the car. She thought it was going to stop them from pulling off, but it didn’t. Witnesses say it was about 20 feet that they drove before they swerved hard enough and she fell off,” said Castaneda.

“I’m sad. Just empty. I don’t understand why somebody would want to do that to her. She’s harmless.” — Cody Castaneda, on her grandma who was attacked in a parking lot

Her legs, arms, feet and head are all badly injured. Castaneda wondered, why?

”For $54, the way they hurt my grandmother, was it worth it?” Castaneda said.

Pick 'n Save released a statement, saying it is working with MPD. As of Wednesday evening, no suspects were in custody.