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32 fall victim to vehicle vandalism in Union Grove

Posted: 5:18 PM, Nov 12, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-13 04:35:04Z

UNION GROVE, Wis. -- Vandals strike in the Village of Union Grove Saturday evening. 

“Somebody was just bored," Jayme Zadurski said. 

“They didn’t break into any vehicles that I’m aware of," Mike Graf pointed out. "It was just a random shoot ‘em and leave."

According to Jayme Zadurski, who's lived in the area most her life, she's never been the victim of anything like this. Zadurski said she was visiting family when her car was targeted on 13th Avenue along with her boyfriend’s aunt’s vehicle. Zadurski said her purse was even sitting in her truck, but the vandals were only interested in shattering her Jeep’s window.

“It’s just vandals, doing what they do I guess," Zadurski said. “Hopefully it’s just some teenagers that are bored [but really] especially around the holiday season coming up… it’s frustrating."

According to the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, Zadurski’s Jeep is one of the dozens of vehicles vandalized in the Village Saturday evening between the hour of 6:30 and 7:30. A neighbor who's truck was also struck in the window shattering spree thinks kids are behind the crime, but Mike Graf suggests what the vandals did isn’t child’s play.

“It’s frustrating," Graf said. "You would think kids would toilet paper or something where there’s no money damage… this costs people money."

Windows were broken out of 32 trucks and cars, and much like the Sheriff’s Office, neighbors in the area are trying to find answers to why it happened and who’s responsible.

Anyone with information related to the identity of the suspect(s) is urged to call the Racine County Communications Center at 262-886-2300.