Seized dogs must be returned to Racine rescue

Posted at 7:02 PM, Sep 20, 2016

RACINE-- 22 of the dogs seized from Lucky Mutts rescue in Racine will now have to be returned. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society, who had been in contact with both the current head of Lucky Mutts and the Racine District Attorney's Office, stated that the dogs are legally owned by Lucky Mutts, according to a release. 

Heather Jensen, 33, and her boyfriend, Terry Bogard, 63, were both arrested on September 9th and charged with 26 counts of intentionally mistreating animals.

According to the release from the Wisconsin Humane Society, because Jensen was charged as an individual--and not Lucky Mutts--the 22 dogs must be returned to Lucky Mutts. 

A criminal complaint stated that officers from the Racine Police Department found dogs in cages that were too small for them, mud or feces on the wall, and a thick coat of dog fur on the floor. One of the officers was only able to spend "approximately 30 seconds" inside the home on Harmony Dr. due to a strong smell of urine. 

Both Jensen and Bogard were reportedly extremely cooperative with police at the time of their arrest. 

The Wisconsin Humane Society offered to take ownership of some or all of the dogs, but Lucky Mutts declined, according to the release. 

The dogs cannot legally return to Jensen's home, but the Wisconsin Humane Society was not made aware of where they would be placed.