20-year-old Madison woman loses $5,000 in phone scam

Scammer claimed to be with Madison Police

MADISON, Wis. --A Madison woman lost $5,000 in a phone scam from a person claiming to be with the Madison Police Department.
The 20-year-old woman told Madison police she got a call from what appeared to be from them. She claims the caller had a thick Indian accent and told her she had tax issues and needed to pay $5,000 immediately to avoid penalties.
Police tell WISC-TV  the woman followed directions the man gave her over the phone and took out $5,000 worth of gift cards from a local retailer and provided the PIN numbers on the cards to the caller.
Investigators said it appears the overseas scam artist was able to alter caller ID numbers to make it appear as though the call was coming from the Madison Police Department.
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