2 arrested after vehicle break-ins at airport

Posted at 7:00 AM, Feb 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-10 08:01:41-05
MILWAUKEE -- Two teens are behind bars for shooting out car windows with a BB gun in a parking garage at General Mitchell International Airport last week. 
A total of 58 vehicles were damaged on January 30, 31 and February 2 and 3.
The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said  the suspects reached in through the broken windows and stole items from the vehicles’ consoles. 
Earl Blackman, 17, and Paris Chambers, 18, are in custody. The investigation shows the pair were part of bigger group of rowdy teens. Prosecutors said for four days, the teens drove down the street firing BB's and breaking car windows. The criminal complaint said they did it out of boredom.
Kathy Taylor still has a big hole in her living room window.
"Glass just starting flying everywhere," she said. "I heard pop, pop, I was freaking out I didn't know what was going on."
Five BB's came through her house and even hit the wall.
"I was scared I didn't know if they were real bullets," she said.
According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, Chambers was released from custody in January on a $500 bond. He was scheduled to appear in court on February 9 for two felony charges of theft of property.
"A $500 bond? It should have been way higher, way higher for all the stuff they did," Taylor said.
Officials said both of the subjects confessed to the incidents and are awaiting criminal charges.
"We just really want to get out here make a change in the community," he said.
The organization wants to give teenagers options. Hagler said tougher penalties isn't the best option.
"We want to give them something to do, so they can stop being bored. It's a job, a social center to give them something to do," Hagler said.
Hagler goes to schools and writes online skits to teach young people who don't seem to understand the consequences of their actions.
"Don't live this life, don't end up in jail, you still got time to make a change," he said.