2 residences burglarized near Marquette University campus

Police are reminding residents to lock their doors
Posted at 10:30 AM, Aug 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-12 11:33:38-04

MILWAUKEE -- The Marquette Police Department is going door to door in the neighborhoods around campus, urging students to always keep their doors locked. 

This week alone, two burglary calls were reported in the neighborhood around 17th and Kilbourn. According to the department's online police log, the residences in both cases were not locked. 

Students who live in the area said they're not surprised. 

"One of my neighbors in particular just leaves their door propped open," said graduate student Tina Rende. 

Rende said she always locks her apartment, even when she's home. She said she's not sure why others don't take the same precaution. 

"I think part of it's a social thing and part of it's just absent-mindedness," Rende said. "Sometimes, especially for younger students, it's not necessarily a priority. It's the first time they're living away from home, in a city, and they don't really understand safety."

Marquette police said they want to give students a reminder about the importance of always locking up their residences before classes begin. 

"If you leave your door unsecured and unattended, crimes of opportunity will happen," said Lt. Jill Weisensel, of the Marquette Police Department. "It's something that's easy to prevent." 

Weisensel said the door to door visits, in which officers have teamed up with Marquette Student Government representatives to hand out fliers, should also help build relationships with both new and returning students. 

"We're out talking to people rather than just using the internet or sending out a text alert or something like that," she said. 

Friday will be the final night of officers making the visits around campus.

Class resumes at Marquette on August 29.