18-year-old Waukesha man charged with disorderly conduct, injuring officer

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 04, 2017

WAUKESHA -- An 18-year-old Waukesha man has been charged with disorderly conduct and causing harm to an officer after a weekend encounter that left a member of the Waukesha Police Department with 21 stitches.

It all started last Saturday when officers were called to a duplex on Main St. in Waukesha for a report of two people fighting on the front porch "acting like they're going to beat the crap out of each other," according to a witness statement in the criminal complaint. 

After questioning the residents of the lower level of the duplex, eventually the suspect, 18-year-old Alexander Damas, came outside and "looked directly at both officers," according to the complaint. The officers said they could tell Damas was intoxicated, due to "his body language and his slurred speech." 

One of the officers identified himself and asked Damas to stop, but he didn't, according to the complaint. Things escalated from there, as the officer and Damas got into a tussle near a retaining wall, which had loose concrete the officer said he feared Damas may use against him as a weapon.

Both men were injured in the altercation. The complaint explains that the officer hit his knee on a stone paver, which required 21 stitches. Damas suffered minor injuries as well.

Damas continued his disorderly behavior at the hospital, according to the account in the criminal complaint. He threatened the officer with death, stating "I can't wait to rip your heart out of your chest and eat it. I am going to rip your chest wide open."

Damas even stated he was going to kill the officer's daughters, the complaint says. Hospital staff eventually sedated him with medication.

If convicted of all counts, Damas faces six and a half years in prison.

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