17-year-old Waterford girl competes in international powerlifting competition

Posted at 8:32 AM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 17:13:47-04
A 17-year-old Waterford High School senior is putting many to shame in the gym with her amazing strength through powerlifting.
In fact, Camryn Ochs competed in an international powerlifting competition in Lithuania last week.
She took home the bronze in the bench press championship, benching 209 pounds in her weight class.
The teenager tells TODAY'S TMJ4 she works out five to six days a week for three hours at a time. Ochs says it takes hard work and dedication to place first in the USA championship, and now bronze in the world competition.
"When I first started weight lifting in the weight room it was all guys and I was super intimidated by it I thought they'd make fun of me but a few girls joined powerlifting and I'm just more confident now and I think that girls should be in the weight room too it's not just a guy thing," Ochs said.
Ochs says arching your back when you bench press will help engage more of your shoulder and chest muscles. She also says you need to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground for the best results.