14-year-old boy charged with three felonies for fatally shooting 2 people in West Allis

A 14-year-old welcomed into the West Allis home of two brothers is now charged in adult court with their murders.

Spencer Lewis, 14, sat quietly in court as he heard the charges against him.

"One count of first degree reckless homicide with a use of a dangerous weapon," said Judicial Court Commissioner Katharine Kucharski.

Court records say Lewis had been a regular visitor to the home of Trajan "Tra" Edwards and his brother Croshian, known as "CJ." According to Lewis' 13-year-old accomplice, he was really planning to rob them of drugs and cash.

The accomplice said Lewis was going to "act like they want to play video games" and then "pull a gun."

The 13-year-old says on Sunday they armed themselves with a gun and a mallet to "smash Tra's fingers or 'bust his knee caps a little'" to get him to talk about where the money and weed might be.

Court records say Lewis shot the teen twice after Tra started walking away. The 13-year-old ran off. 

As Lewis went to run away, Tra's brother CJ tried to tackle him. That's when Lewis says he shot until he ran out of bullets. Lewis' attorney asked the court to have the 14-year-old evaluated by a doctor to see if he is mentally fit to stand trial.

"I think anytime you're dealing with an individual who's this young, it's best to have someone who's a professional make the determination whether he understands everything that's going on," said Steven Kohn.

The 13-year-old was in court Wednesday as well, but because he is charged as a juvenile the details of his case are not public.

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