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'Unprecedented abuse of power': Democrats respond to GOP's lame duck proposals

Posted at 8:37 PM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 21:37:41-05

Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers and other Wisconsin Democrats fired back at the GOP's proposals for the lame-duck legislative session. 

Republicans unveiled their plans on Friday, which include a proposals to limit in-person early voting to two-weeks as well as push up the 2020 primary election date from April to March.

The legislation would also limit incoming Attorney General Josh Kaul, allowing the Legislature to replace him for an attorney of their choice on a case-to-case basis.

"Wisconsin law, written by the legislature and signed into law by a governor, should not be erased by the potential political maneuvering of the executive branch," Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said in a statement. "The legislature is the most representative branch in government and we will not stop being a strong voice for our constituents."

Democrats released a news release reacting to Republicans' proposals. 

“I’ve said all along I’m committed to working across the aisle, but I will not tolerate attempts to violate our constitutional checks and balances and separation of powers by people who are desperate to cling to control. Enough is enough. Republicans have to stop putting politics before people. Wisconsinites demanded a change on November 6th. I stand with the people of Wisconsin, and we will be taking any steps necessary to prevent power-hungry politicians from overriding the will of the people," said Evers in a statement. 

“The authors of this bill seem to think that they know better than the voters of Wisconsin. They’re wrong. And that’s not how democracy works. I am calling on the members of the legislature to reject this horrible bill," Kaul said in the release.

Senate and Assembly Democratic leaders Jennifer Shilling and Gordon Hintz also called the legislation, "a desperate attempt by Republican politicians to rig elections and undermine our constitutional values,” and "an unprecedented abuse of power."