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"Unforgettable moment:" New Berlin family remembers meeting President Bush in Milwaukee

Posted at 10:14 PM, Dec 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-01 23:14:31-05

MILWAUKEE -- Throughout his life George H.W. Bush made many campaign stops, but for one New Berlin family, his 1988 stop in Milwaukee is unforgettable.

Then Vice President Bush cradled the Block family's three year old twins, Christopher and Joshua, while posing for a picture.

Their father, Mark Block says it was a truly unforgettable moment.  

"It was an incredible honor. It was almost bone chilling,' says Block, "You could feel that it was historic because he was running for president at the time. You knew, that the man you were meeting, then, was going to become the next free leader of the world."  

The family was waiting with a small crowd on the General Mitchell International Airport tarmac for the Vice President. Bush had chosen the twins from the crowd to chat with and take a few photos. Block says everyone assumed that his visit would make front page news. But, he said he was unaware that his beautiful young boys would be included in that news. He says letting the kids meet him was truly an honor because Bush was a man that gave him a sense of comfort and kindness. 

"Joshua came running around the corner with the newspaper and said 'Look it! It's Chris, and Josh, and George.' " says Block. 

Even though this moment happened 30 years ago when the twins were so young,Block says they both remember. The photo from the newspaper is hung in the family house and Block says the family shares stories about how proud they were that day. It's as if that moment helped the family feel even more patriotic, more proud to be American says Block.