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'They were playing bumper cars': Trail of crashes around Riverwest from road rage drivers

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 23:40:12-04

A fight between two men outside a Riverwest bar ended with multiple car crashes around the neighborhood.

Witnesses called it a case a road rage. Police said no one was seriously hurt but they are looking for the men responsible.

Peter Hoener was outside with a few other people when they heard the men yelling at one another.

"They started slamming on each other's door all that trying to break windows," said Hoener. "Then they get in their car and then it turned into road rage."

He said the driver of a truck slammed into the man he was arguing with in an SUV. That caused a chain reaction crash and a woman was hit in her car.  But instead of stopping neighbors say things were just starting.

"That's when they went all around the neighborhood causing accidents," said Jennifer Hoerner. "They were playing bumper cars."

"They went around this corner over here, flipped a car over here and flipped a couple cars over here by the Uptown Bar," said Peter Hoerner.

The crashes finally stopped at Humboldt and Center when the man in the SUV flipped his car and smashed a parked car. Neighbors said he then got out and ran away.

The driver of the truck took off. Now the whole area is left to clean up the destruction.

"People need to grow up. People need to make better choices and handle their anger better," said Jennifer Hoerner.