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'Nothing for Sale!': Foxconn homeowners deal with crooks and beggars as they move out

Posted at 10:13 PM, Jul 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-27 23:35:41-04

A lot of homes are emptying out in Racine County near the Foxconn site, but that has not stopped crooks from coming around to see if there is anything they can still take.

"Three houses got broken into in my neighborhood. Two house down there, one over here," said Sean McFarlane as he points to his neighbors in Mount Pleasant.

Even if people have not been burglarized they are seeing more traffic in the area.

"We have seen a lot more tourists in the neighborhood," said Matthew Palmer who live next to the Foxconn site.

Palmer and McFarlane live in the Phase One area of Foxconn. Their homes will eventually be torn down. But they want crooks and people looking for hand-outs to know, people are still living in their homes.

McFarlane even put up a sign that reads, "Please keep out. Nothing for sale!" 

"Stop asking us to sell our stuff or begging for free stuff," said McFarlane.

He says he is amazed at what people are asking from him as he tries to pack up.

"They are asking for trees. We had some old style wagons out here. They would ask for the grass. People just think there is a bunch of free stuff out here," said McFarlane.

But the homeowners say there is one thing that has helped.

'We've also seen a lot more police presence lately," said Palmer.

Mt. Pleasant Police said they have added more patrols since reports of break-ins and vandalism increased in July. Neighbors say that is helping plus they hope the word is getting out that there is not even much left.

"Just for the record, we don't have anything. We've been moving so I don't know what people think is out here," said McFarlane.