"Logistical nightmare:" Milwaukee residents react to downtown gridlock

Posted at 2:04 PM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 18:59:02-04

MILWAUKEE -- Logistical nightmare —that’s how some motorists have summed up the president’s visit to Milwaukee coupled with the kickoff of Summerfest.

The president will spend the night in the city before heading to Racine County for the Foxconn groundbreaking Thursday. 

“It’s gonna be nuts," Stan Wagoner said. 

That’s why Wagoner, who works downtown, said he’s leaving his car in a lot during the workday —avoiding any risks that come along with street parking. 

“I don’t plan on staying down here all all day. I plan on leaving earlier," he continued. 

The president's motorcade ride will require street closures that's why parking rules went into effect a 6:00 Thursday morning and parking enforcement wasted no time towing cars parked in tow away zones. 

“Oh my gosh," Melissa Bruenger said. 

"I’m worried about tomorrow because I have to drive again, it’s probably going to be pretty horrible," Melissa Bruenger said. 

But the road closure woes don’t end there —Bruenger who works downtown said it only takes two words to describe the caios that might result from traffic troubles due to the president’s time in town coupled with the kickoff for Summer Fest  —

“Logistical nightmare," she laughed.