Tooth polish goes viral on TikTok. Dentists say patients should turn to them, not social media

Posted at 5:17 AM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-01 07:55:00-05

A product called Chrom Toothpolish has captured the attention of curious TikTokers and some influencers. Many posts are going viral showing users paint their teeth different colors including the extremely white shade. Some love it, while others reviewing it for their followers prefer using a teeth whitening method instead.

"I never heard about it honestly," said Dr. Eyad Bittar, with Avenue Dental Group in Menomonee Falls.

"We don't have a long-term longitudinal study with it. So as it's being utilized in the oral cavity, as it's accidentally ingested, we don't know what can happen," Dr. Bittar said.

TMJ4 News contacted the company asking about the safety of its product. A spokesperson provided the below statement:

Hi Kristin;

Thanks so much for reaching out to us. CHROM's formula has been clinically tested, and in use for over 15 years as a laboratory-produced dental product. Our formula contains about 1% Triethyl Citrate, which is approved for food and cosmetics use in both the US and the more stringent European Union. We are not aware of any studies that indicate Triethyl Citrate causes damage to tooth enamel, nor has this been observed by any of our testing labs or consumers.

Although we are not aware of any risk to the users health by the use of CHROM, we do however recognize the benefit to our consumers who can use CHROM to feel more confident in social or professional settings, and are pleased to be able to bring this to our customers.

Thank you.

The CHROM team

Dr. Bittar's biggest concern is that people would be using the polish to paint over what could be serious problems with their teeth.

"It could be gross decay, cavities, things like this and if we're ignoring the problem, it can lead to bigger issues down the road."

He encourages patients to ask their dentist if it's a good choice for them. He realizes there can be a cost barrier to dentistry.

"Teeth whitening can be expensive and if you have complex conditions, they require complex solutions."

"Having these types of products come out, there is a reason for it and so that's why I think it's a bigger discussion. Why is this popular? And what as we doctors and providers need to do to get patients through the door and give them different options?"

TMJ4 News also contacted the Wisconsin Dental Association for its opinion of the trending tooth polish. The President of the WDA, Dr. Cliff Hartmann, provided the below statement:

"Patient safety is No. 1, and I've seen nothing in the peer-reviewed journals indicating this product has been researched for safety.

When it comes to dental products, the WDA recommends that consumers turn to their dentist – not social media – for science-based facts about potential risks and benefits. We also encourage looking for the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance, an internationally recognized mark of safety and quality. Products with the seal have passed rigorous independent expert testing and are deemed safe for consumers' health.

At this time, Chrom tooth polish does not carry the ADA seal."

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