Gorillas' deaths maybe linked to E. coli in MKE County Zoo exhibit's water system

Zoo staff have disinfected the the water systems
Posted at 12:59 PM, Jun 07, 2018

MILWAUKEE -- The deaths of two gorillas who died back in April at the Milwaukee County Zoo may be linked to the water the primates drank.

Necropsy results have shown that the two primates had gastrointestinal infections that zoo officials now believe to be secondary to an E. coli and possibly associated with the exhibit's water exhibit. 

Zoo officials say the water systems in both the gorilla and bonobo exhibits have been disinfected. Zoo staff are also implementing new protocols to disinfect produce, which can be another source of E. coli. 

All water supplied to the public was not affected.

Cassius, the zoo's male gorilla, passed away on April 12 and the zoo's female gorilla, Naku passed away on April 28.

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