'This is more than just voting': Milwaukee group hosts election event to engage the community

"It means to do my part to try to make some changes," Milwaukee voter Patrice Grannberry said.
Amp the vote, jamming at the polls
Posted at 6:38 PM, Apr 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-06 20:59:52-04

MILWAUKEE — One local organization decided to celebrate the right to vote with music, food and access to community resources on Election Day.

As people cast their votes, others were getting into the Election Day spirit at the 'Amp the Vote, Jamming at the Polls' event.

Amp the vote, jamming at the polls

The event was a partnership between Metcalfe Park Community Bridges and Milwaukee Action Intersection.

The second annual event took place near Center Street Library and began Tuesday afternoon, lasting until 6 p.m.

The idea was to get people excited about local elections, but it's more than just that.

Amp the vote, jamming at the polls

Milwaukee resident Patrice Grannberry is an active voter, and even though she just underwent knee surgery, she made sure to cast her ballot.

"It means to do my part to try to make some changes. I'm especially looking at what's going on with the schools right now," Grannberry said.

Deputy director and organizer of Metcalfe Park Community Bridges Melody McCurtis smiled as she talked about interacting with the community and getting them pumped about local elections.

"This is more than voting right," McCurtis said. "This is really showing that you know that we are here, we are community, we are family, and we are going to get through this together."

Amp the vote, jamming at the polls

McCurtis said she's heard from the community that they want year-round civic engagement, and after a tough year for many, that's what she hopes to be able to offer through this event and many to come.

Tuesday's event was to give community members a chance to connect to resources all while celebrating their right to vote.

"You know in 2020 our (Metcalfe community) voting increased by 8% and we want to keep it increasing," McCurtis said. "We want folks to say 'hey I voted,' and the next piece of that is these folks said they were going to do X, Y, Z when they got in office. Let's hold them accountable."

McCurtis and Grannberry say it's all worth it, in the end, to see the Milwaukee community thrive as diverse voices are heard.

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