Easy, inexpensive ways you can add curb appeal and value to your home

Posted at 3:03 PM, Jul 24, 2018

First impressions are everything, and that goes for your house. There are simple outdoor renovations that won't break the bank and add value to your home.


"If the front yard looks good, I assume they took care of the inside," says Phil Steinhauer with Designscapes Colorado. "It really sets the standard for maybe what you're going to see throughout the house."


You can bump up the price of your home with less than $200 and just 3 hours to spare. 


First, make sure your lawn is cut and green. The best thing you can do is fertilize your lawn, Steinhauer says. Whether you do it yourself or call the experts, it should only cost about $60. 


Next, pay attention to the details. Put away the hose, garbage cans and clean up any garbage. 


Another easy task is to replace an old mailbox and the medal numbers on your house. At Lowes, a mailbox will only set you back about $25 and the medal numbers are $4 a piece. 


"Another easy way is to top dress your bed with mulch, and that's super easy and inexpensive," Steinhauer says. "It might cost $3.50 a bag."


Lastly, add a few colorful flower pots to your front porch. And remember, less is always more.