Cedarburg celebrates designation as top Christmas town

Posted at 6:42 PM, Nov 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-24 19:42:44-05

Cedarburg received national recognition after it was named one of Reader’s Digest’s 10 small towns for Christmas.

Some say it's known for its unique shops while others are smitten by the small town feel, but whatever your reason for visiting Cedarburg almost everyone agrees the time to do it is now. 
“I think sometimes people think of Cedarburg as being a sleepy little town, but we have so much going on in this community, especially around the holidays,” said Elizabeth Alvers, the town’s tourism coordinator. 

Aside from the holiday spirit, Cedarburg is also known for its small shops.  

“You feel so full of holiday cheer when you come, it’s really wonderful,” Alvers said. 

 “It’s just incredibly flattering that people want to come and spend their holiday dollars with us,” said Natasha Loos of the Cedarburg Toy Company. 

Those dollars are the very thing that keeps this community going. People spend where they live while supporting small business and soaking in the spirit of the holiday season. 

“I know you can go to a big box store or stay home, but I think it’s fun to get out and see the storefronts, some of them are unveiling windows tonight and it’s just a beautiful downtown,” said Jean Kobin of Just Poppy In.