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Boxing 101: Competition format

Boxing 101: Competition format
Posted at 1:02 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-16 15:17:30-04

General medical examination and weigh-in

Before the start of competition at the Tokyo Games, all competitors will report for the general examination and weigh-in, which will be conducted by officials from the International Boxing Association (AIBA). During the official weigh-in, which is done in kilograms, athletes will get on the scale and must come in within the allotted weight range for their division.

Competition draw

A seeding system will be used during the competition. There will be a maximum of four seeds in each men's weight category, and two seeds in each women's weight category. The seedings will be determined by the AIBA according to the AIBA World Rankings.

The competition draw to determine the brackets will be conducted by officials from the AIBA and the IOC after the general medical examination and weigh-in.


The competition in all weight classes will be run as a single-elimination tournament. There are no consolation matches or repechage rounds. Two bronze medals will be awarded in each weight class to the losers of the semifinal bouts.

Daily medical examination and weigh-in

Boxers will be required to undergo a further medical examination and weigh-in on each day that they are scheduled to box. The daily weigh-ins will be conducted in the Olympic Village between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Boxers will also undergo medical examinations immediately after each bout.

Boxers with the following prohibited conditions will not be allowed to compete.

  • Boxers may only use certain types of dressing for abrasions or lacerations.
  • Boxers must be clean-shaved before all medical examinations and each bout. Beards and moustaches will not be allowed.
  • No type of body piercing and no body accessories will be permitted to be worn during a bout.
  • No boxer with an implanted device which uses electricity or any substance which may alter bodily function will be permitted to box.
  • Boxers are only allowed to wear soft contact lenses. All other contact lenses are prohibited.