Reasons to shop at small businesses

Posted at 1:12 PM, Nov 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-24 14:12:58-05

Got more holiday shopping to do? Many of us have or will be buying merchandise online or in major retail stores this holiday season. But, do not forget to shop and support your local, small businesses. Here are some good reasons for checking them out:

In addition to finding some great deals on unique items, you might also be able to grab one of those hard to find items that have sold out in other stores.

When you shop small, you support the businesses that give to local events, organizations, and other businesses within a community. This helps our communities to be a better place in which to live.

Small business also provide local jobs, create diversity , and their tax dollars help to support local services.

And, because these businesses rely on having a good reputation, they usually provide excellent customer service, often going the extra mile to keep their customers satisfied.

It may be convenient to shop online or at a major retailer. But, if you value all that a local, small business can offer, show them your support by making a purchase today and through out the year.