How to Avoid Paying Extra Fees for Vital Records

Do need to get a copy of a birth or death certificate? Well, before you pay a third party for these records, you may want to check things out. You could end up paying extra fees or risk being scammed. 

If you need a vital record such as a birth or death certificate, you may want to be careful about how and where you obtain these records. Although there are legitimate, third party companies that can assist with this process, you can save some time, money and hassles by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Health Services or the Register of Deeds Office in the county that the event occurred. 

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If the event occurred in the city of Milwaukee or West Allis, you might also be able to obtain records from these cities health departments. If you think that you will need more than one copy, it is less expensive to get these copies during the initial request.

You can also apply online or via mail, but be prepared to submit copies of identification and other requirements. And, when searching online for these records, be extra careful of websites that may look legitimate, but could actually be fake sites, trying to steal your money and identity. 

When searching online, look for sites that end in .gov to ensure that you are visiting legitimate sites for state, county, and city offices.

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