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Avoid getting taken by porch pirates

Posted: 5:38 PM, Dec 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-04 18:38:15-05

If you are placing an order online but worry about the package being stolen, there are a few things that you can do to limit your exposure to a porch pirate.

Before hitting the “place order” button, think about when, where, and how the package will be delivered.

If there is a good chance that you will not be there when it arrives, consider having it delivered to your workplace or a location where someone is likely to be home and watching for a delivery. Some merchants also provide drop box locations for picking up a package in a secured location.

Also, follow tracking information so that you have an approximate delivery date and time. And, when you know the order is on its way, it may be a good idea to ask a trusted neighbor to watch for the package as well.

If you tend to have the same delivery person, let them know of a preferred place to leave a package, such as in the back of the house where it may not be as visible.

There are also a number of apps, security systems, and other devices that may alert you to a package being dropped off. But, these things can also alert a porch pirate that they are being watched, as could security signs that you might be able to post in a window or yard.

If you believe your package did not arrive or was stolen, contact the merchant first.

Surprisingly, some will replace the item or provide a refund. Some major credit cards also offer a benefit on lost or stolen items that are purchased with their card. But, if you believe the package was stolen, it is a good idea to file a report with police and alert your neighbors.