Pumpkin spice adding up to $400 million industry

Posted at 7:43 PM, Sep 08, 2017

Fall might be two weeks away, but that’s not stopping Starbucks or other big name companies from releasing their pumpkin spice products.

The whole PSL craze started back in 2003 and since then it has become a nearly half a billion dollar industry. Fall of 2017 is bringing you more pumpkin spiced items you could never even have imagined.
Cereal brand General Mills released limited edition pumpkin spice flavored Cheerios. Also, capitalizing on the flavor is RX Protein bars. Selling their fall flavored bar for nearly $4.00.
But, pumpkin spice is not just being pumped into foods, it’s now in other products like beauty brand Philosophy’s latest shampoo. Natural deodorant brand Native created a $12.00 deodorant with a pumpkin spice scent.
Marketing expert Erin Iwata with Heinrich says, “People do try to copycat and capitalize on things that are successful for other brands.”
Brands are even going after dog lovers by creating a pumpkin flavored dog treat.
Iwatta says, “I think it’s really interesting there is pumpkin spice dog food and deodorant. I don’t think that will stick, but I think the pumpkin spice latte is here to stay.”