Who and when to tip extra during the holidays

Posted at 6:15 PM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 19:15:33-05

MILWAUKEE -- Some would say this is the most generous time of the year.  Ali DeToro is a hairdresser and color specialist at Rex Salon in Whitefish Bay.  She said her clients spoil her during the holidays. 

"Gifts from when clients travel, we get homemade goodies, we get caramel apples from Amy's Candy, we get homemade gifts, we get cash tips, we get wine," said DeToro.

Etiquette Expert Colleen Rickenbacher said you shouldn't feel obligated to tip, but if you have the means you should dish out.  She said homemade gifts are great, but even better paired with cash. 

"Money money money money money is the thing this year," said Rickenbacher.

She said the longer you've known the person the more you should give.

"A nice rule of thumb is that you might want to double your tip," said Rickenbacher.

When it comes to people you might not know personally, like mail carriers or garbage collectors, it's still proper etiquette to give them something. 

"Me for my trash collector I tape it on the top of my trash can. Trust me when they come to pick it up it's gone," said Rickenbacher. 

For teacher or childcare workers Rickenbacher said a group gift is appropriate.

"So maybe the whole class goes together and they give them a nicer, bigger gift," said Rickenbacher. 

Many people make tipping a priority.

"It's something I always make sure that I do because I appreciate those people who do my hair and deliver my mail and, oh and your nails definitely the nails," said Desiree Ellison-Olheiser.

"I usually give like gift cards so that way they can get whatever they want," said Erica Coles.

No matter the gift, DeToro said it's the thought that counts. 

"Everybody's busy and it's really nice to have them think of us," said DeToro.