Is it too soon to start celebrating Christmas?

Posted at 6:51 PM, Nov 02, 2018

Is it too soon to start talking about, decorating for, or getting overall excited about Christmas? Throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area residents are split on the issue.

When it comes to music on the radio, it's not too soon says 95.7 Radio Program Director Brett Andrews.

He says people have been texting and calling asking when the station will turn to its Christmas playlist. Andrews admits his tree is already up at home. But adds, the decorations and music don't discount the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

"Christmas. Thanksgiving. I think it all blends together. I think people like to hear Christmas music while they're traveling for Thanksgiving," said Andrews. 

Andrews can't say when exactly his station will start playing holiday music. But he imagines that all the local stations will start playing it very soon. 

Christmas enthusiast and children's book writer Ron Sanchez says he can't wait. Sanchez has always been a big fan of the holidays ever since he was a young boy. He admits that he did try to taper off his excitement a while back. 

" I used to never listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. About three years ago I banned that. Now I listen to it whenever," says Sanchez. 

He says that in this day in age, it's time we bring about more peace and tranquility to one another, which is what he says the holidays are known for. 

However, Marcia Borzynski is not a fan of celebrating early. Borzynski strolls down Cathedral Square and notes how reindeer, presents, candies, and other lights are already posted on the grass. Lights are wrapped around various pine trees. There's also a large light tree with a star in the center of the park. 

"It's nice to see the trees, but in my opinion we should wait and finish one holiday before we have another," said Borzynski. 

However, Dylan Recton and Sarah Stockinger don't see an issue with decorating early. 

"I don't think it's too soon. Thanksgiving is pretty awesome so does it really need extra hype? Because once you get there," said Stockinger.

"I love eating so," said Recton. 

At Milwaukee Public Market, the shops are sticking to the schedule. The music isn't geared towards the Christmas holiday.

There are even some Halloween decorations still up. So it really just depends upon where you go and what you're looking for.