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Margarita recipe uses white wine instead of tequila

Margarita Recipe Uses White Wine Instead Of Tequila
Posted at 6:00 AM, May 06, 2020

Tequila is usually an essential ingredient in a margarita. However, there’s a new twist on this cocktail that swaps in white wine for the Mexican spirit, and it sounds so refreshing. It’s sort of like a cross between a margarita and sangria, and it should definitely be in your adult beverage rotation this summer.

Just like a traditional margarita, you can enjoy it on the rocks or frozen. The type of white wine you use is up to you. If you want a sweeter cocktail, go for a riesling or a moscato. If you want to sip on something a bit drier and more tart, try a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc.

There’s no wrong way to make this mashup cocktail of your dreams. Feel free to experiment to your heart’s content!

In an Instagram post, Wildlife Wine Club suggests using their sea turtle chardonnay to make the inventive drink:

You could also use the juice from fresh limes and add some triple sec, which is a common ingredient in many classic margarita recipes.

Instagram user @texaswinestory followed these cues and used Ab Astris roussanne wine for their take on a white wine margarita.

Sharing a pitcher of these along with some chips and guacamole with my pals sounds like my idea of a very happy hour!

Want to put a fizzy twist on this hybrid cocktail? Make a champagne margarita. This recipe posted to Instagram by @blackvinosociety includes tequila in addition to champagne, so it’s definitely a bit on the boozier side.


The sparkling addition makes it the perfect drink to sip on to celebrate the start of summer.

Who knew that margaritas and wine would make such a perfect pair? Would you try this dynamic drink this summer?

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