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Man Found A Real Alligator Relaxing On An Alligator Float In The Pool Of His Rental House

Posted at 12:32 PM, May 29, 2019

Pool floats that come in the shape of everything from dogs tomermaids are all the rage this summer. But here’s something you don’t see every day: One man vacationing in Florida was shocked to discover an actual alligator floating on an alligator-shaped raft in the pool of his rental home in Miami.

David Jacobs returned to the home on Sunday, May 19 to make the unbelievable discovery. He says that at that time he called the home’s owner, who in turn called a wildlife management company to remove the gator.

Although alligator sightings are not uncommon in south Florida, the fact that this one was chilling on a float modeled after itself is pretty remarkable — not to mention hilarious.

“My daughter, who’s 14, was like, ‘Dad, this is soooo meta,'” Jacobs told Miami New Times.

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Naturally, Internet reaction to this unusual event has been on-point. Check out this Twitter post, from user @craigtimes, utilizing the original image on a popular children’s book:

And this one from user @anneDEMME, which calls the alligator’s adventure “still a better love story than twilight”:

And some people are still not sure it’s real, as pointed out by user @TamaraLush:

The Georgia family had spotted the alligator in the lake behind the Airbnb rental earlier their stay, and it had been bothering their pet dog, Rascal. The man who came to remove the reptile told the Jacobses that alligator sightings are more frequent this time of year because it’s their mating season.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, mating season for alligators takes place in May and June. Female alligators build a nest made of soil, vegetation or debris and deposit between 32 and 46 eggs in late June or early July. Baby alligators hatch between mid-August through early September.

Additionally, alligators’ metabolism is sped up by the warmer temperatures, which makes them hungry.

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“They have to find some food so that’s when we’ll find them on sidewalks and people’s pools,” Brian Norris of Florida Fish and Wildlife told Fox 4.

Being from Georgia, the Jacobs family says that while spotting an alligator is not unheard of in their home state, it doesn’t compare to the frequency with which they’re seen in Florida.

“We have gators in Georgia, but they’re just in areas that are not as populated, like some swamp where no one lives,” Jacobs explained. “But in Florida, they’re just in your neighborhoods.”

This amazing image has certainly captured people’s imaginations! We love it, but we’re definitely staying away from that pool.

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