Vince and Susan celebrate 10 years of Daybreak

Posted at 2:49 PM, Apr 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 10:39:46-04

Monday is a huge day at TODAY'S TMJ4. As of today, Vince Vitrano and Susan Kim have spent 10 years anchoring Live at Daybreak together. They've brought us a lot of special memories over the last decade, and we want to share them with you, our viewers.

The celebration starts with a look back at Vince and Susan's career throughout the years in our photo gallery. Check out the dozens of photos we dug up from the archives, and share your favorite on our Facebook page.

Vince and Susan working hard at Miller Park.

When you're done with that, take a walk down memory lane and enjoy these classic Vince and Susan moments captured forever on video, with Vinny as your narrator.

Brewers Opening Day

We've always loved connecting with our viewers on Opening Day. We'd talk with so many fans as the gates opened and in the parking lot. It's such a Milwaukee and Wisconsin celebration!

Susan and I made the commitment years ago to make it a special coverage event. We proposed field anchoring our entire show from the ballpark, and with a few exceptions over the years, we've been out there together to get baseball season started. 

For sure the best memory is when Susan asked manager Ned Yost whether the season would be considered a failure if the Crew failed to make the playoffs. Ned was so mad. It was the last time the Brewers trotted the manager out for morning interviews.


Children's Fest Day at Summerfest

Susan and I have proudly appeared in many of our station's promotions for Children's Fest Day at Summerfest. We always look forward to meeting the kids at our TMJ4 booth, and talking to their moms and dads who are faithful viewers.

Every now and then, our creative services team will decide to include our children in the shot. It's getting easier now that they're seven years older than this... but it's tough for them to be as cute!


Guido The Sausage

Remember when somebody stole the Italian Sausage suit from a festival in Cedarburg? I don't know how she did it, but Susan got the Brewers to send Guido to our studios for "an exclusive interview." We played it straight all morning like this was some sort of big interview. I don't know if anyone at home laughed as hard as Susan and I did, but...


Green Bay Packers

In 2011, the Packers hosted the NFL's opening game on a Thursday night in Green Bay. Susan and I decided to take the show on the road again, and preview the big game on NBC.

The TODAY show crew was up there going live as well, and we enjoyed visiting again with Matt Lauer, Tony Dungy, and live in Daybreak with Al Roker. We've run into Al a few times in our years together, and he's always been gracious and willing to talk to all our viewers here in Southeast Wisconsin.


Governor Walker's Recall

2010 and 2011 were extraordinary years in Wisconsin politics. Susan and I surely felt the weight of responsibility as we shared the stories of this tumultuous time in our State.

Some mornings during the debate over Act 10 and other controversial measures, we'd come in for Daybreak and the Legislature would be in session! We know those would be important mornings for our viewers, as they turned to us to let them know what happened literally while they were sleeping. Here's a clip of an interview with did with Governor Scott Walker just before the recall election in 2011.