Shoppers pack SE Wisconsin stores this Black Friday

People were out in droves for Black Friday looking for the best deals around. 

However, it wasn't always the place you'd expect. Electronics always reign supreme so Best Buy had a steady flow of customers. 

But it wasn't as crazy as you'd think.

"I'm assuming it was more crowded this morning," said Walter Bankhead. "That's why I'm here later this afternoon. I didn't want to get caught in the push and shove."

"I kind of figured it would be mass chaos," said Lindsay Barkstrom. "But we got out a little later and it's been pretty good."

"Parking is insane," said Josh Barkstrom. 

Parking is an understatement. The lot at Best Buy was filled but over in Waukesha it was so busy at one business, people were forced to park on the grass. 

It wasn't a toy store or a department store but Menard's where hundreds of people swamped the aisles looking for deals. 

"Coming in, parking was really bad," said Rita Mpesha. "But I was able to wait and get a spot in ten minutes."

Mpesha was anticipating big crowds but not quite what she encountered at Menard's. She got what she needed relatively quickly but then had to make her way to the back of the line which snaked all the way throughout the store and ended near the back. 

"The checkout line, oh my God," Mpesha said. "It's really really made me rethink if it was a good idea."

She reached the finish line about 40 minutes later, surprised at how quickly it went. 

"It was very, very long but it was fast," Mpesha said. 

But while folks are out at the big businesses for Friday, Saturday is for the small businesses. In Wauwatosa, they're already geared up for it with signs promoting the day all over the place. 

The small businesses are what make 'Tosa vibrant, warm and cozy. One mom and pop toy store captures that essence perfectly.

"Tosa loves its small businesses," said Sarah Fowles, co-owner of Ruckus & Glee. 

The toy store isn't what you expect from a large-scale store. The shop is owned by a husband and wife who hand-selected every toy in the place. The toys are geared towards keeping a child mentally or physically active with it.

But they have the added bonus of trying out any of the toys in the store, taking them for a test drive before making the purchase. Plus, it's a personal experience. 

"We're going to talk to you," Fowles said. "We're going to learn about your kid. We'll learn about what you like and we'll find something right for them."

While the kids try the toys out, the parents can talk to the husband/wife owners who are area residents that care about the community. So it's not just a sale to them. 

"Being able to suggest toys to parents and suggest items for kids to buy is something that really makes the job worth it," said Matthew Poulson, co-owner of Ruckus & Glee. 

And the parents love what they bring to the area. 

"The local stores really get what the neighborhood wants and what we're looking for," said Lauren Simmons, a local mother. "It's great to help the people that are helping our community."

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