Last minute Thanksgiving meal options

With Thanksgiving around the corner, some families may be left scrambling to get a turkey and all the fixings in time for the holiday. But there are options for a full meal for as little as $13. 

Trader Joe's is offering a frozen turkey en croute. It's like a beef wellington but made with turkey instead. Local Trader Joe's say the item is flying off its shelves and they barely have any left.

However, for those looking to have a slightly less minimalist feast, there are other options to avoid hitting the supermarket. 

Sites like Peapod offer Thanksgiving in-a-box options with turkey or even ham. Their site lists the items between $50 and $60 while places like Whole Foods have higher end options between $120 and $200. 

But if you're not trying to cook, Sendik's is one of the many places that will cook up the meal for you and you just have to set the table and serve. 

"We're all here to make sure everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving," said Jean Knoeck at Sendik's. 

Their meal runs as low as $125 but Knoeck says that's not what most people come in for. 

"Most people are signing up for the things they don't want to make like mashed potatoes or stuffing," Knoeck said. "It's the things people don't think they make well like turkey gravy."

It's a good thing too because some residents are looking for non-traditional holiday meals. 

"I'm a disaster as a cook," said Ed Olson. "I tried eggs once and they turned into black cringes. Where can I get a partial Thanksgiving for three people?" 

"I've done it so many years now," said Robin Reed. "It can be stressful when you're responsible for everything."

Even for those who don't cook, they know their role on Thanksgiving. Scrubbing and cleaning dishes for 30 guests can be a tall task. 

"It can be pretty tiring," said Will Matthews. "Especially after eating."

For those who want to leave it to someone else, going out to eat is their option of choice. Places like the Pfister are more than happy to host. 

"A lot of our guests are looking for that family experience or they don't have the kitchen space," said Cassy Scrima with Marcus Hotel & Resorts. "We're happy to do that for them for sure."

They offer buffet-style meals as well as more formal meals at the three Marcus Hotels. 

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