How to shop smart at Wisconsin grocery stores for Turkey Day

Posted at 9:41 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 00:09:46-05

It will cost you less to put a Thanksgiving feast on the table this year, that's according to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau.  

Their new survey said you can feed everyone for less than $5 per person.  TODAY'S TMJ4 put three grocery stores to the test.  Our shopping list was for a family of 10 and included most of the popular Turkey Day items.  We kept price a priority, like many shoppers.

"Brands and price," said Tanda Trainer, South Milwaukee.

"Price is pretty important and taste, but price," said Diane Wojnowski, Oak Creek.

The priciest item on our list was the turkey.

"I want to get a good deal for a turkey for sure because they're pretty expensive," Wojnowski said.

You can get a turkey at Pick 'n Save for $1.59 per pound.  The same brand was at Woodman's for $1.19 per pound.  Sendik's didn't have as many options, but we found one there for .99 cents per pound.

"There are so many grocery stores today that prices are so much lower today I would say than they were six months ago," said Leila Cielinski.

All three stores had the same dinner rolls.  They were on sale at Woodman's and Pick 'n Save for $3.  They were $3.89 at Sendik's.

"I think that there are more deals this year," Wojnowski said.

As for dessert, pumpkin pie is $7.99 at Sendik's Bakery, $5.29 at Pick 'n Save and $3.89 at Woodman's.

The Wisconsin Farm Bureau reports Thanksgiving dinner costs 54 cents less this year compared to 2016.  Their survey said you can feed a family of 10 for $47.26. 

The chefs of the family are taking advantage of savings. 

"Already got my turkey, already have some of my sides so I'm just kind of each day I'll come, I'll try to grab a couple more things so I don't have to carry like 49 bags up the stairs," said Tanda Trainer, South Milwaukee. 

We were able to feed a family of 10 for about $55 at Woodman's.  At Pick 'n Save we got the same ingredients for about $65 and at Sendik's we did it for closer to $70.