How much does the average Thanksgiving meal cost this year?

Last-minute dash to get shopping done

GREENFIELD - GREENFIELD -- The holiday rush is already on at grocery stores.

Lines grew by the hour at the Pick 'n Save in Greenfield.

Most people explained they were here because they forgot the essentials like stuffing and potatoes. Moms gave some insight on how they keep calm. 

"The key is to be prepared and get your turkeys ahead of time we have 35 guests coming and we got three turkeys!" said Phyllis Gaggioli, a shopper.

"Just take it one minute at a time and don’t get crazy, otherwise it’ll haunt you and by the end of the day you’ll just want to scream," said Terri Wiczek, a shopper.

One last bit of good news, The Wisconsin Farm Bureau says the average cost of Thanksgiving is 54 cents lower this year at $47.26.

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