Holiday Heist: Grinch steals Milwaukee man's Christmas decorations

Posted at 10:20 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-13 08:43:54-05

A neighborhood near 16th and Capitol is now a little darker because someone stole the holiday decorations and cheer right from one older man's front yard.

"I was so appalled by it. Christmas time who is going to come and take somebody's Christmas stuff out of their yard," said homeowner Charles Davis.

Davis had a reindeer display and some laser lights. All they left was an empty extension cord.

"The lights shine on the house here and I got it so the red and green be all over the house," Davis said.

He said when he went to bed Sunday night after watching the football game his lights were on. When he woke up they were gone.

"I said, 'Where my lights at, you know,'" Davis said. "I look at the front there are no reindeer here, nothing here so I call the police department."

Davis said the police told him he likely won't get his reindeer back. Now that he is older and by himself it is harder and harder to put up the Christmas decorations

"I have been here this long, a little thing like that it is not going to keep me down but it just bothers me. When you try to have something and somebody come and steals it," Davis said.

Despite the theft, Davis he will not let this Scrooge get him down. He will have a Merry Christmas and replace his decorations when he can.