12 umbrella costumes for a soggy Halloween

Posted at 11:57 AM, Oct 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-25 11:56:03-04

The forecast calls for rain on the trick-or-treating weekend, so here are some DIY costumes that won't put a damper on your Halloween.

Mary Poppins

This one is easy. Grab a long black coat, a scarf, a black top hat, and a black umbrella, and wa-la, you are "supercalifragiliistically" transformed into Mary Poppins!

Jelly Fish

All it takes is an umbrella and some streamers to become this electric sea animal.


Attach eight tentacles to the underside of an umbrella for this one. You can make the tentacles out of stuffed tube socks.

Pac-Man Ghost

You and your crew can go as Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde with this costume. All you need is an umbrella with a solid colored piece of fabric draped over top and some eyes.

Morton Salt Girl

We all know her, the little girl in the yellow dress carrying an umbrella. This costume doesn't cost a penny if you already own a yellow dress, and bonus points if you carry a container of Morton salt with you.

"Raining Cats & Dogs"

You might need to raid your childhood bedroom for this costume. Grab an umbrella and secure stuffed animal cats and dogs to it.

"Raining Men"

Following suit with the previous costume, replace the stuffed animals with cut out pictures of Ryan Gosling, or whoever you prefer. You might want to carry a sign that says "Hallelujah" with you too, just to make sure everyone who sees you gets the song stuck in their head the rest of the night. 


Here's a use for that cardboard TV box you have stowed away in the basement. Use the cardboard to build the saucer part of the spaceship around a bubble umbrella.

Storm Cloud

Attach some white fabric or cotton balls to an umbrella and boom, you're a cloud. Add strings or streamers to make it rain.

Snow Globe

Pick a destination and become it! Then, take a clear bubble umbrella and attach a platform to the bottom and you're every child's souvenir dream. 


Smurf-ify yourself with some blue body paint and transform your umbrella into a red and white speckled toadstool mushroom.

Jiminy Cricket

A blue top hat, snazzy dress coat and red umbrella are all it takes to be this Disney cricket. It's even more believable if you find yourself a Pinocchio, but be sure to share the umbrella if it starts raining.